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ILM Adopts Solid Angle’s Arnold Renderer


LR-Solid Angle logo black background-emailLR-Solid Angle logo black backgroundSolid Angle has signed a license deal with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), for its global illumination renderer, Arnold. After extensive testing, ILM chose Arnold as the primary renderer for its VFX work on the motion pictures Pacific Rim and Star Trek: Into Darkness.

“It used to be that ‘ray tracing’ and ‘high speed’ were two things you never said in the same breath, but that’s no longer a valid concern,” explained John Knoll, ILM’s chief creative officer. “Arnold gives us outstanding image quality and the speed that today’s productions demand. I’m thrilled we are able to add it to the arsenal of tools at ILM. We employed Arnold on three of our high profile summer films, The Lone Ranger, Pacific Rim and Star Trek: Into Darkness, and the results truly speak for themselves.”

“We’re delighted that ILM has joined the growing number of companies to adopt Arnold,” said Jonathan Barson, chief operating officer at Solid Angle. “The rendering of the Jaegers and their visual effects work on Pacific Rim looks amazing.”

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