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LipSync Appoints Ben Shepherd Head Of 3D/VFX Supervisor


Ben Shepherd

London-based LipSync has appointed Ben Shepherd as its new head of 3D/visual effects supervisor. Shepherd has had a distinguished career, working as both VFX supervisor and digital effects supervisor on several acclaimed Hollywood projects, including the Harry Potter franchise for Warner Bros., Alien Vs Predator and X-Men: The Last Stand for Twentieth Century Fox, Battle Los Angles for Columbia Pictures and John Carter for Walt Disney Pictures.

“When the opportunity arose for Ben to join us, there was not a moment’s hesitation, as he would improve any facility he worked at,” said Stefan Drury, LipSync’s head of VFX. “Having previously worked closely with Ben on several VFX-heavy features, I have first-hand experience of his extraordinary talent. Not only is he a superb VFX supervisor who cultivates strong relationships with clients, he is also able to inspire and motivate the crew with his unlimited enthusiasm for his work and filmmaking.”

In his new role at LipSync, Shepherd will be responsible for the development and growth of the facility’s existing 3D capabilities, developing studio relationships, actively seeking new business, as well as acting as VFX supervisor when needed.

“The opportunity to work on a unique and diverse range of projects, from large-budget Hollywood VFX-heavy features to independent and art-house productions, was one I could not turn down,” said Shepherd. “LipSync has developed an excellent reputation over the last six years, working on great, critically acclaimed projects. To work with such a talented crew and so closely with some of the world’s finest directors is something you aspire to do and I really feel that LipSync is a company where it can be achieved.”

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