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LOOK Effects Presents “The Making of The Muppets” for VES


LOOK Effects will be presenting an evening on “The Making of The Muppets” for the Visual Effects Society’s education committee on Thursday, Feb. 23. The evening begins at 7 p.m. and will be held at Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. Gnomon is located at 1015 N. Cahuenga Bl, Hollywood, CA.

The presenters include Janet Muswell, visual effects supervisor and producer on The Muppets; Max Ivins, LOOK’s visual effects supervisor; Jenny Foster, LOOK’s visual effects producer, and Maggie Kraisamutr, compositor and animator. The panel will be moderated by Pam Hogarth, director of marketing at LOOK and VES education committee member.

Muswell will talk about the pre-production planning, working with puppeteers and puppets on-set, walking the line between campy and realistic and juggling the rolls of supervisor and producer. Ivins will discuss what they did, and how they did it. Foster will explain the roll of a facility VFX producer in moving shots through the postproduction pipeline. Kraismutr will address her role as in-house artist and the tools and techniques she used in creating her effects.

“Most people don’t think of The Muppets as a visual effects film,” said Ivins. “But there are over 350 effects shots. We did a lot of the stuff we usually do – driving comps, bluescreen shots, set extensions and crowd duplication. Muppets was basically an effects film with puppets in it. And the work we did allowed the puppeteers more freedom than they’ve had in the past.”

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