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NYC Executive Producer Arthur Portnoy Goes to Artjail


Arthur Portnoy
Arthur Portnoy
New York City-based visual effects studio Artjail announced the addition of commercial production industry veteran Arthur Portnoy as executive producer. “Arthur has a great track-record, and a well-informed perspective on the business,” owner Steve Mottershead said. “As I have gotten to know him, I learned very quickly he really knows his stuff. He’s one of those EPs that hits the nail on the head in every situation.”

Portnoy is an experienced executive producer who has extensive knowledge of the television commercial business, specializing in design, CG, animation and VFX. Most recently, he was the executive producer for the bicoastal creative production company Shilo where, since 2005, he has run sales and production, with duties spanning the company’s operations worldwide. Prior to that, he worked as an independent sales agent representing live-action directors and design, animation and VFX companies. While working for Tim Case at Creative Management Partners, earlier in his career Portnoy also represented Passion Pictures, ILM’s commercial division, Rhythm & Hues, Dreamworks Animation, Buf and Imaginary Forces.

“One of my tasks here is to raise the profile of the studio,” Portnoy said. “Steve and [partner Leslie McCartney] have created a robust infrastructure and production pipeline and we’re all set up to grow. Steve’s worked on lots of strong car spots and with the automotive companies doing well again, we see this segment of the business as a place we can definitely do an increased volume of work.”

Artjail works in commercials, feature films and video art projects. It has had the opportunity to work with such brands as Cadillac, IBM, Lincoln and Morgan Stanley. Recently, the company handled VFX and animation for the documentary feature Cutie and the Boxer from director Zachary Heinzerling, who won the Best Documentary Directing Award at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

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