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Registration Opens for New Animation Mentor VFX Fundamentals Courses


Animation Mentor, an online school for animation and VFX artists, is now accepting applications for the inaugural summer 2013 term of its new VFX Fundamentals program. Students are encouraged to visit the registration portal early to ensure their choice of industry professional instructor and class time.

The VFX Fundamentals is a series of three 12-week courses — CG Basics, Lighting Basics and Compositing Basics — taught by industry professional lighters and compositors from Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, Weta Digital and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). VFX Fundamentals teaches the exact visual effects skills that studios seek — the ability to professionally collaborate and apply studio best practice workflows within a studio production pipeline and across multiple disciplines. Animation Mentor’s instructional design emphasizes collaboration within a production as enabled through its state-of-the-art, patent-pending AMP studio production pipeline. This design replicates the current industry trend of making films within a fully-distributed pipeline.

The curriculum teaches students how to produce great work as a team under demanding circumstances, with Lighting Basics and Compositing Basics further emphasizing collaborative workflows among students of different disciplines. Students also learn how to synthesize technical and aesthetic skills within the world of visual effects — and to secure the familiarity, comfort and confidence to contribute within a pipeline-based workflow. Students learn leading-edge VFX software, including NUKE, KATANA, and MARI from The Foundry and the Arnold renderer from Solid Angle.

After completing the classes, students are steeped in the best practices found in most top studio pipeline workflows. Students learn to work through the same challenges studios experience when multi-discipline talent is involved to create the final image. This real studio production experience serves two purposes — students secure very real studio experience, and studios are confident that Animation Mentor graduates are prepared for the high demands of studio quality work.

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