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REZN8 Appoints Susan Moses as CEO


Stereo Vision Entertainment announced that entertainment industry veteran Susan Kay Moses has been appointed CEO and president of their wholly owned subsidiary REZN8. Moses Joins REZN8’s chairman, former LucasFilm CEO Charlie Weber to work with REZN8’s founder and current CEO Paul Sidlo to evolve its business model to competitive, leading edge markets and client demands. Sidlo will continue his role as he has for 27 years as REZN8’s chief creative officer.

“Having known Charlie and Paul for many years, I’m excited to work with them and to be a part of this groundbreaking endeavor, while at the same time continuing to grow REZN8’s award winning 3D film production and video game design business,” Moses said. “My banking, public company management and filmmaking background, Paul’s highly-acclaimed design and production capabilities, and Charlie’s major motion picture and management experience, form a unique complement in an industry requiring constant adjustment to remain ahead of the curve.”

“This management acquisition confirms REZN8’s commitment to keeping the company’s mission and its standards at the highest levels,” Stereo Vision chairman and CEO Jack Honour said. “The new REZN8 business model as described in previous announcements will add shareholder value and provide an indispensable service to inventors and entrepreneurs everywhere. I’m very proud to be working with this talented group of professionals.”

Moses began her career developing projects with HBO, Time Life Films, Orion Television, Columbia Television and Lorimar. She has more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry as a writer/producer of commercial film projects and previously as president/CFO of Star World Productions  which operated in the film finance and distribution business. The company produced and distributed a slate of $2 million classics including: Vultures in Paradise, Treasures of the Amazon, To Kill A Stranger.

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