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Sue Lee Joins Stardust, Helps Re-Launch NY Operations



Stardust executive producer Sue Lee
Stardust executive producer Sue Lee

Seasoned executive producer Sue Lee has joined the new Stardust group and will re-launch the company’s New York operations as New York executive producer. Having spent the last few years running The Mill’s design and director division, as well as producing for Lobo’s stateside efforts, Lee brings with her the experience of collaborating on high-profile brands across a diverse range of projects and clients.

“As the industry has evolved, Stardust has succeeded in creating a partnership with the clients, while allowing their creativity to evolve,” Lee said. “I admire the versatile approach Dex and Seth have recently taken to support their clients and their creative team. The talent at Stardust has been producing truly creative/multi-faceted work for years; and I’m looking forward to fostering the growth and expansion of the company in addition to assisting with the development of even more creative diversity.”

“Sue and I have a long and successful history together working on such projects as the James Bond’ feature film title sequence; Grammy-nominated music videos; and large brand campaigns and shoots in cities around the world,” managing director Dexton Deboree said. “As Stardust travels its path of rebirth, we are demanding excellence from ourselves and from every member of our new family. Sue embodies the perfect balance of taste, class, integrity, work ethic, and just enough fun to make work a true pleasure. I’m thrilled to be reuniting with her, and bringing her onto what has developed into a very strong team.”

Seth Epstein, Sue Lee and Dexton Deboree
Seth Epstein, Sue Lee and Dexton Deboree

Lee will work closely with Deboree and director Seth Epstein to re-launch the company’s New York creative team and service east coast clients closer to home. “Sue further demonstrates our commitment to exceptional work and service,” Epstein said. “We do so much work out of New York City. We are excited to have such strong talent leading the charge.”

Before joining Stardust, Lee was most recently at The Mill where she served as executive producer heading up the design/animation content department. While at The Mill, Lee honed her experience in CG and VFX animation. Prior to The Mill, she worked with Stardust’s Deboree for many years at The Ebeling Group, where she actively led and managed many international design and animation studios including MK12 (USA), Caviar (Tokyo), Tennant (South Africa), Studio AKA (UK), Boolab (Spain), Lobo (Brazil), and XYZ (Australia). Lee started at The Ebeling Group when its roster included just three directors. Over the seven years she worked with TEG, the roster grew to include nine international directors/animation studios. Lee helped shape the company by supporting its top talent and overseeing hundreds of high-profile productions, which have garnered recognition from Cannes Lions, DGA, AICP, D&AD and others. A key career highlight was Lee’s production of the main title sequence for Quantum of Solace. She called on her extensive knowledge for main titles design, which she gained at Imaginary Forces.

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