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Video of the Day: MasterImage 3D Cinematic Trailer



Los Angeles-based production studio Iron Claw recently created a new 3D theatrical trailer for MasterImage 3D. The :30 piece has been made available to all MasterImage 3D theater customers, including over 8,000 screens in more than 100 countries.

MasterImage 3D approached Iron Claw with a mission to create a trailer with a logo reveal that reflected its 3D technology, and to impress clients and moviegoers with a design and animation that would push the limits of stereoscopic 3D.

“Although the message was technical, we wanted to convey it in a uniquely visual way,” says Sean Koriakin, founder and executive creative director at Iron Claw. “I kept coming back to the idea of making the stereo 3D tell the narrative. It was like creating a beautiful abstract painting for the silver screen in 3D.”

“We got the sense that Sean and his team at Iron Claw were big creative thinkers who love to dream up a challenge,” said Matt Liszt, VP of marketing at MasterImage 3D. “We liked that Iron Claw had a mix of 3D and VFX experience, as well as logo projects. Sometimes, you get one or the other, but not many companies can check all the boxes.”

The film was created entirely at Iron Claw’s Los Angeles studio. The 3D assets were produced in Maya while mixing in practical elements from live-action footage. Compositing and color were done in After Effects and Nuke. The production concluded at a full-sized theater for the testing phase.

“The most rewarding part is seeing this on the big screen and knowing it will live on for years,” said Koriakin.

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