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What’s A Grip? New Below-the-Line Podcast


What's a Grip.logo1Intended for aspiring below-the-line professionals and curious viewers, What’s a Grip? The Below-the Line Podcast has launched its new episodic podcast series. The new series highlights the many below-the-line jobs in the entertainment industry – including on-set, post-production, and studio-side roles.

L-R: Jillian Terwedo and Annie McGrath
L-R: Jillian Terwedo and Annie McGrath

Every Thursday, Development Executive Annie McGrath and Script Supervisor Jillian Terwedo host a new episode featuring a guest speaker in the industry. The interviews focus on how each role works as a part of a larger production. The first two episodes featured Casting Director Cara Chute Rosenbaum (American Crime Story: The People vs OJ) and 2nd Assistant Cameraperson/Film Loader Lacy Joy (August Osage County,) explaining their jobs as well as sharing details on how they succeeded in their careers.

Episodes can be found on the main site as well as Spotify, Stitcher, and iTunes/Apple podcasts. For more information please visit www.whatsagrip.com


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