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An Exclusive Clip from Radu Jude’s Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn


Bad Luck Banging
A scene from Bad Luck Banging and Loony Porn (Magnolia)

With one of the wackiest movie titles of a movie probably in a decade or more, Romanian filmmaker Radu Jude is starting to pave a path in the States after making movies in his native country for 15 years.  The 44-year-old Jude is one of Romanian’s newer breed of filmmakers, who is helping to raise his country’s status in the world of international cinema.

His latest comedy is called Bad Luck Banging and Loony Porn, and it takes place in a mid-pandemic Bucharest, starring Katia Pascariu as school teacher Emilia, who finds her career and reputation in danger when a personal sex tape gets leaked on the internet. With parents calling for her firing, she decides to fight back and not bow to their anger.

(Fair warning: Jude’s latest film opens with a fairly graphic sex scene, so the movie most definitely should not be shared with the youngest Romanian film fans i.e. it’s not for kids, if you couldn’t guess that from the title/premise.)

Magnolia Pictures has given Below the Line an exclusive clip from Bad Luck Banging and Loony Porn, which you can watch below. The movie will open in New York City theaters (at the Film Forum and Film at Lincoln Center) starting today, Friday, Nov. 19, and then will be at L.A.’s Landmark Nuart, starting Nov. 26, and will presumably will be in other cities and eventually available digitally. You can watch the full trailer below the clip.

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