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Launch of Production Music Catalog: Abbey Road Masters


UMG_Logo_UPPMUniversal Production Music and sister company Killer Tracks, two of the leading production music brands, have partnered with Abbey Road Studios to launch a new production music catalog: “Abbey Road Masters.” Abbey Road Masters will create and curate original music, all of which will be recorded, mixed and mastered at the Abbey Road Studios. The initial releases will include Indie Soundtrack, Contemporary Score, Alternative Pop Voices, Indie Tock Noir, The Fantasy Orchestra and Cinematic Piano.

All track are available for licensing exclusively through Killer Tracks in the USA and Canada, and Universal Production Music for the rest of the world. With live recording at the heart of all its releases, Abbey Road Masters has forged relationships with top composers, musicians and artists including award-winning British film and television composers Michael Price (Sherlock), Rob Lane (John Adams), Samuel Sim (Emmaand Christian Henson (Black Death), alongside British indie legends Andy Bell (Ride/Oasis) and Tom Furse (The Horrors).


Abbey Road Masters has access to all of Abbey Road Studios’ recording facilities. Studio One, the world’s largest purpose-built recording studio, was home to 75 musicians over two days for the recording of The Fantasy Orchestra album. Other albums were recorded in the legendary Studio Two and Three, sites of historic recordings by the Beatles and Pink Floyd and recent releases by Brockhampton, Lady Gaga and The 1975.

Abbey Road Masters have finished recording material for a further six albums which are based on themes including vintage synths and string ensembles, sampling and remixing live players, large-scale cinematic indie and close-up acoustic recordings – to be released in 2019.

To listen (USA and Canada) please visit Outside of North America, please visit

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