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MTI Film Accelerates Set-to-Screen Workflow Management with CORTEX v5.3


MTI Film.logo1MTI Film has announced the release of CORTEX v5.3, the latest version of its family of products for managing workflows on set and in post. This latest release includes a host of new features that make managing and processing data during production and post-production easier and more efficient. It also adds support for the latest sound and picture formats and delivery requirements of leading distributors, including Netflix, HBO, Hulu and Quibi.

CORTEX v5.3 is available in five editions, including two for DIT applications, a full-feature dailies application, an Enterprise package for post-production and delivery, and a quality control application. The software runs on Windows 7 and 10 and utilizes one or more NVIDIA GPUs.

Among CORTEX’s new features is the ability to render multiple formats simultaneously, accelerating dailies processing and other workflows. CORTEX v5.3 also includes the option to automatically apply IMF delivery specs for HBO and Hulu, as well as support for the 16×9 aspect ratio (portrait and landscape) used by the new streaming service Quibi.

MTI Film.Cortex

MTI Film worked with Netflix engineers to align the Dead Pixel detection and repair tools featured in the Enterprise edition of CORTEX v5.3 with the Netflix detection algorithm. This solution, which involves importing a .csv file supplied by Netflix, means that content can be prepared for Netflix while avoiding multiple re-deliveries to fix all pixel defects.

A new loudness meter includes features for monitoring, measuring and analyzing audio levels, with results, across the full timeline, viewable in graphical reports. It makes it easier to ensure delivery media conforms to loudness standards.

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