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SMPTE+ To Discuss Migrating Media & Entertainment into the Cloud


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Where does the cloud migration stand now? What happens if the internet dies? When will the next round of technical challenges be solved? And will there be trivia? On 31 August experts from across the industry will answer these and other pressing questions about the future of media in the cloud. (And yes, there will be breaks for pub-style trivia and networking.)

The SMPTE+ event “Migrating Media & Entertainment Into the Cloud: A Real-World Perspective” will feature a half-day of chats and panel discussions focused on emerging questions, concerns, and opportunities afforded by the industry’s shift to cloud-based technologies, workflows, strategy, and business models. To register and get the full agenda, GO HERE.


Join other SMPTE+ subscribers for a half-day of chats and panel discussions featuring:

  • Hans Hoffmann – EBU
  • Barbara Lange – SMPTE
  • Heather Hedden – Semantic Web Company
  • Michael Norton – PBS
  • Chris Lennon – Ross Video
  • Conrad Gouws – RTÉ
  • Richard Welsh – Deluxe
  • Renard Jenkins – WarnerMedia
  • Sally Hubbard – Sally Hubbard Consulting
  • Barbara DeHart – Grass Valley
  • Greg Geier- Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Greg Shay- Telos Alliance
  • CK Ming- Smithsonian Institution
  • Andrea Kalas – Paramount Pictures
  • Josh Derby – Discovery
  • David Travis – Sky
  • Jodie Serror – Google
  • Larissa Görner-Meeus – Grass Valley

The program will begin with a brief welcome and then dive right into convergence and realignment — exploring the impact of merging business verticals and closer ties between data, digital, and broadcast. A session on business challenges will explore accounting and financial models, security concerns, and cost containment and resourcing. A session on the reality of current technical challenges will follow, with the day’s final session addressing best practices for maintaining resilience in the event that the internet does fail.

All SMPTE+ Events are FREE for members!  Join today to register for SMPTE+ as a Member in order to gain access to panels like these, and more.

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