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Five Teams Vying for Prime Time Softball League Quarterfinals


PTSL2Week 11 of the Prime Time Softball League took place this past weekend with four games on Saturday, Nov. 20, and not a lot has changed with All Rise remaining in the lead against three other teams by just one win. Five teams, including All RiseAmerican DadThe RookieBrooklyn Nine Nine, and The Neighborhood are likely to go to the Quarter Finals while Master Chef and For All Mankind are also still eligible.

In two weeks, on Sat. Dec. 4, there will be five more games in the regular season, and both All Rise and American Dad are likely to win those games. The Rookie has a bye week, and Brooklyn Nine Nine has tougher competition in For All Mankind, although the latter winning shouldn’t affect the standings. Neither should The Neighborhood‘s game against Big Brother, although a win will help clinch its standing for the Quarter Finals.

The Prime Time Softball League is made-up of 11 co-ed teams made up of the cast, crew, staff, and their immediate family from prime time television shows.

The Week 11 results are below:

Friday, Nov 19

The Rookie 7
For All Mankind 0
   Game canceled.

Saturday, Nov 20

Brooklyn Nine Nine 12
American Dad 15

MasterChef 19
The Neighborhood 21

Big Brother 12
Young Sheldon 8

The Carlos Watson Show 8
Minx 11

Here are the current standings:

Atlantic Division
  East Conference:
Team Wins Losses Ties Playoffs
All Rise 8 1 0 Quarter Finals
American Dad 7 1 1 Quarter Finals
The Rookie 7 3 0 Quarter Finals
Brooklyn Nine Nine 7 2 0 Quarter Finals
The Neighborhood 6 2 1 Quarter Finals
MasterChef 4 5 0 Eligible
For All Mankind 4 5 0 Eligible
Big Brother 3 6 0 Ineligible
Minx 2 7 0 Ineligible
The Carlos Watson Show 1 8 0 Ineligible
Young Sheldon 0 9 0 Ineligible

The Week 13 games (originally scheduled for Week 7) will take place on Saturday, Dec. 4 at the below times and fields:

Saturday, Dec 4

Minx Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 3
(Ump: Gerald Bates )
11:00 AM
(Originally scheduled for Week 7)

For All Mankind Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 4
(Ump: Gene Sokol )
11:00 AM
Brooklyn Nine Nine
(Originally scheduled for Week 7)

All Rise Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 3
(Ump: Gerald Bates )
12:30 PM
Young Sheldon
(Originally scheduled for Week 7)

Big Brother Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 4
(Ump: Gene Sokol )
12:30 PM
The Neighborhood
(Originally scheduled for Week 7)

American Dad Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 3
(Ump: Gerald Bates )
2:00 PM
The Carlos Watson Show
(Originally scheduled for Week 7)
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