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Matthews’ New Portable Flags & Floppies


Matthews.logo2Offering the benefits for which Matthews Studio Equipment is known, the new 40”x40” line of Flags and Floppies meets the need for gear that’s portable enough to travel and compact enough to work in nooks and crannies of a tight location. The 40”x40” dimension also fits standard shipping limits.

Available individually, the line consists of: 40” x40” Flags, top or bottom hinge Floppies (expand to 40”x80”), top hinge Matthbounce Floppy (black back, inside reflective white), Artificial Silk and the 40”x40” Flag Bag. For those who prefer a kit, the 40”x40” Kit includes: 1 Flag/Cutter, one Top Hinge Floppy, one Artificial Silk, and the Zippered Flag Bag.

Matthews 40"x40" Flags and Floppies
Matthews 40″x40″ Flags and Floppies

Like the larger versions, the new frames are built with the same 3/8” stainless steel tubing that’s welded to ensure a long life period. The Flags, Floppies and Silks are sewn in Matthew’s Southern California headquarters.

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