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Rob LaLonde Chooses Matthews For Flex Seal Studio


Matthews.logo2Since 2011, the CEO and co-founder of parent company, Swift Response, LLC has produced scores of hit spots about the famous Flex Seal Family of Products. When it was decided to bring all production in house in 2017, Rob LaLonde was recruited from a long freelance relationship to grow a production/post team and build out a studio.

Matthews.Rob LaLonde

As Head of Production/Post, LaLonde is tasked with keeping the Americana reality-TV feel of the productions along with a production crew of 15 to 20 professionals. Since the company is driven largely by video content, LaLonde returns to another American family business, Matthews, for studio grip equipment including the CAM Tank, Apple Boxes, Flags, Rags, Frames, Menace Arms, Mini Booms, C-Stands, Combo, Mombo Combo, Digital Combo, Slider stands and more. LaLonde says, he’s “looking forward to growing the relationship with Matthews.”

For more information please visit www.msegrip.com

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