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Zaxcom Launches New Fader Motion Capture Feature


ZaxcomZaxcom has announced the launch of the new Fader Motion Capture (FMC), a feature that records the fader levels and movements made by the production sound mixer in real time into a separate file. This file can then be imported into a post workflow where the fader movements are replicated in the workstation. To further link production and post sound, this time-saving feature allows post production to edit and remaster the location mix without starting from scratch.

FMC is available on Deva 24 as a standalone recorder, or when paired with Mix-16 or Oasis control surfaces. It is compatible with Media Composer, Media Composer Ultimate, Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate.
Zaxcom launches Fader Motion Capture (2)

Fader Motion Capture creates a separate FADER folder containing ‘.FAD’ files found on Deva’s 24 recordings. These files can then be converted into AAF files using free downloadable software called Zaxcom Fader Motion Capture to AAF Converter. Once converted, the AAF files can be imported into the workstation and added to any timeline where key frames generated by the location mix can be fully edited and remixed.

Fader Motion Capture is standard feature on Deva 24 and is currently available in beta release. The Zaxcom Fader Motion Capture to AAF Converter software is both PC and MAC compatible.

You can find out more info by visiting

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