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Cinema Audio Society Announces New Board of Directors


Cinema Audio Society
Photo courtesy CAS. See below for names*

At its May Board meeting, the Cinema Audio Society (CAS) certified the results of the recent Board of Directors vote.

CAS President Karol Urban announced the certification and commented, “We are fortunate as an organization to have volunteer board members who respond to challenges with a renewed sense of service and a commitment to the community. With tremendous gratitude, I thank these dedicated individuals for their service.”

The CAS Board election resulted in Karol Urban and Lee Orloff being re-elected to their positions as President and Treasurer, respectively. Continuing on the Executive Committee are Steve Venezia as Vice-President and Frank Morrone as Secretary, who were not up for reelection this year.

Reelected for the CAS Board of Directors (Production) are Amanda Beggs, Jeffrey S. Wexler, Mary H. Ellis, and Peter Kurland. Mark Ulano will be returning to the CAS board and filling the seat left vacant by Peter Devlin.

The re-elected incumbent board members (Post-Production) are Bob Bronow, Mike Minkler, and Onnalee Blank. Joining them will be Tara Paul, who will be filling the seat left vacant by Mathew Waters.

Continuing to serve out their terms in production seats are Willie D. Burton and Stephen Tibbo. In the Post-Production seats, David Bondelevitch, Tom Fleischman, Marti Humphrey, and Sherry Klein continue their service.

* CAS Board Photo IDs Left to right beginning with top row:

Top row: Sherry Klein, Jeff Wexler, Steve Venezia, Marti Humphrey. Amanda Beggs

2nd Row: Peter Kurland, Frank Morrone, Stephen Tibbo, Lee Orloff, David Bondelevitch

3rd Row: Bob Bronow, Mike Minkler, Onnalee Blank, Willie D. Burton, Tara Paul

4th Row: Karol Urban, Edward L. Moskowitz, Mark Ulano, Tom Fleischman

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