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ALIBI Music Updates Its Extension Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro


Album Search Interface – ALIBI’s Updated Extension Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

ALIBI Music is bringing Adobe Premiere Pro users even more of its website’s robust functionality with an exciting extension panel update that is now available on the Adobe Creative Cloud.

The production music company — a trusted resource for content editors working in film, television, advertising, streaming, and video games — has made four key enhancements that strengthen the connection to its fresh pipeline of music and sound effects directly into video editors’ sessions:

  • Album Search – In addition to searching by track, Adobe Premiere Pro users can now search by album, with the most recent and most relevant albums topping the results. They can also use the same signature ALIBI tools (negative search, tap tempo, etc.) that clients have come to love. With ALIBI releasing over 100 albums a year, this new feature is an excellent way to keep that new music and sound effects at your fingertips.

  • Curated Playlist Access – Users are now able to search ALIBI’s curated playlists, which are developed and refreshed frequently by a dedicated team of expert music supervisors. With new tracks added to these relevant and topical lists often, this is another great tool for finding the perfect tracks, often removing the headache of music searching.

  • Media Bin Download – Users can download a music track or sound effect directly into their project’s Media Bin. There is also the option of placing it in the Timeline at the Play Head’s position, which is especially useful for placing sound effects at just the right moment.

  • Greater Speed – Finally, ALIBI has optimized the server to make searching its vast catalog of music and sound effects much faster… and, in this deadline-driven business, who doesn’t love a little speed?!

“When we launched our extension last year, we wanted to give Premiere Pro users a helpful tool that would bring access to our content right into their edit sessions,” said Kent Carter, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at ALIBI, which is a member of the Adobe Video/Audio Partner Program. “This new update takes that vision and kicks things up a notch, delivering editors the full functionality of the ALIBI website for a seamless and quicker way to find and license those perfect tracks. We are all about working to make editors’ lives easier.”

ALIBI’s production music has been used in the trailers for such high-profile projects as The Bob’s Burgers Movie, The Elder Scrolls Game, and Lionsgate’s Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, among many others.

Click here to watch a video about ALIBI’s updated extension panel for Adobe Premiere Pro.

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