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AMIA Partners with Alamo Drafthouse to Offer 35mm Projection Workshop


The Association of Moving Image Archivists, (AMIA) will present a film projection workshop in partnership with the Alamo Drafthouse, Oct. 28 in Austin, Texas. The event will offer training for managers, curators and projectionists presenting 35mm film in theaters.

While digital technology presents new opportunities for filmmakers and exhibitors, it has also impacted the availability of prints for theaters showing 35mm film. Fewer prints are available, and many of those are irreplaceable assets from archives and similar institutions. This makes the handling and projection of film prints critical, and the need for training vital.

“While digital has become the primary exhibition format, many theaters continue to show 35mm film prints,” said AMIA board member Elena Rossi-Snook. “A number of films are simply not available in digital and showing them in their original 35mm format allows new audiences to appreciate rare prints, archive films and titles from private collections. But it also requires special skills to work with rare and archival prints.”

The workshop will offer a hands-on tutorial for projectionists and theater staff working with 35mm film prints, focusing on film preparation and projection as well as special stipulations for archival projection, coordinating with lending institutions and paperwork.

“I love digital projection for new release films, but only a tiny sliver of our vast film history will ever make it to the DCP format,” said Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League. “As an industry, we must continue to preserve, protect and carefully screen 35mm films and maintain our 35mm projection equipment. The day we stop is the day cinema as we know it is dead.”

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