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California Office of Emergency Services Uses TVU Networks for Daily Briefings


TVU NetworksSome of the most important uses for streaming and live feeds over the past six months has been for state governors to speak directly to their constituents about the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and how that will affect their day-to-day lives.

Of course, having a reliable broadcast feed requires reliable tech, and for the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), they opted to use TVU Networks‘ Project Pool Feed Initiative since April to reach broadcasters for their daily COVID-19 press briefings.

Cal OES bought an entire TVU live video solution, including a TVU One transmitter, TVU Transmitter and TVU Grid, allowing it to provide pool feed video of the governor’s now-weekly briefings to local broadcasters, as well as national and cable news networks.

Fortuitously, TVU launched its Project Pool Feed just as the COVID-19 pandemic began and Cal OES was one of the system’s early adopters.

Deputy Director of Crisis Communications, Brian Ferguson said this about the system, “The services provided by TVU have been critical for us to provide information to the public, while doing that through a safe means for staff and principals. We were able to get the equipment set up without difficulty and begin providing crucial information to Californians. The TVU Grid pool feeds give us strong reach with media outlets across the entire state, as well as nationally, and allows our team to reliably and safely share the latest developments at press briefings.”

TVU Networks CEO Paul Shen concurs. “During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, our Project Pool Feed helped state and local governments quickly share information while respecting social distancing restrictions. In seeing how effective the technology can be when applied in a crisis, these municipalities realize the value and advantage of TVU Grid for disseminating information reliably to local, national, and international news organizations. We are proud to work with Governor Gavin Newsom and his team to help them stay connected to news organizations both now and after the COVID-19 crisis has passed.”

Cal OES invested in the TVU system with a data plan for a long-term solution for distributing content to local and national media outlets, and the TVU One transmitter provides the flexibility to broadcast from any location. Project Pool Feed is actually being used in many states to provide similar critical information to people through local news outlets.

TVU Networks
TVU Grid (photo: TVU Networks)

TVU One is a sixth-generation mobile transmitter that can transmit live broadcast quality video from any location by aggregating all available data connections, including cellular, WiFi, Ethernet and satellite with sub-second latency. It features the HEVC video compression standard and TVU’s patented Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) transmission algorithm to provide superior, reliable video with less overhead.  TVU Grid (pictured above) delivers scalable point-to-multipoint switching, routing and distribution of live video distribution over IP.

You can learn more about TVU Networks products and services at its official site.

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