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CineGear Takes 2020 Film Series Competition Virtual on October 3


cinegear.expoCineGear Expo has announced that its annual Film Series Competition will take place on Saturday, October 3, at noon PDT, and as with many things in 2020, it will be held virtually. People can participate free via phone, tablet, computer or smart television.

Guest hosted and moderated by Jay Holben, the festival will include a schedule of curated film finalists in different categories: Independent Shorts, Music Video/Commercials and Student Shorts with submissions from AFIUSC and London film schools

The screenings will be followed by a networking event complete with trivia and prize giveaways and chat with the viewers having a chance to vote for their favorite film in each category. These will be tallied by CineGear’s independent industry judges and then there will be an Awards Presentation where winners will receive filmmaking prizes donated by top industry tech and service companies.

You can register for the Film Series Competition and see the schedule here. Those who register will receive links and detailed instructions.

Screenings will take place between noon and 5:17 pm PDT and then the after-party will take place for the next hour after that.

You can see the full list of finalists below:

Independent Short Film finalists:
Swimming, Director: Anna Chi
Sound, Director/Writer: Tawan Bazemore
Second Team, Director: Ria Pavia
Stevie, Director/Writer: Eric L. Thompson
Godspeed MC/For God and Country, Director: R.J. Hall
Stormchaser, Director: Gretl Claggett
Waves, Director: Jane Hae Kim
The Entity, Director/Writer: Chi K. In

Music Video / Commercial Finalists:
Nice Shoes, Director/Writer: Jonathan Lawrence
Hey, Beautiful!, Director: Kenneth Ferrone
Chasing the Horizon, Director: Sasha A. Logov
Alive, Director/Writer: Carissa Dorson
Oo La La, Director/Writer/Producer: Frank Rogala
James Arthur feat. Travis Barker – You, Director/Producer: Timon Birkhofer
Stellar Moto Brand Commercial, Director/Writer: Iggi Ogard
About the Girl in the Trunk, Director/Writer: Lindsay Clift
Slant – With or Without You, Director: Vez Visuals

Student Short Film Finalists:
Día de Las Carpas – AFI Conservatory, Director: Joao Dall’Stella
They Won’t Last – AFI Conservatory, Director: Portlynn Tagavi
Natives – The Peter Stark Producing Program, Director: Ramon Farrier
Tree #3 – AFI Conservatory, Director: Omer Ben-Shachar
Our Home Here – AFI Conservatory, Director: Angela Chen
GROK SEE BLUE – AFI Conservatory, Director/Producer: Quinn Else
A Guide to Being Herman – USC Film School, Director: Sergio Zaciu
Furthest From – AFI Conservatory, Director: Kyung Sok Kim
Time Difference – London College of Communications, Director: Xuqin Sun
Pumpkin – CAL State LA, Television, Film & Media Studies, Director: Chris Collins

This year’s virtual festival is brought to you by CineGear Expo in conjunction with AutoDCP and Sunset Magicwerks, LLC. Sponsors include: Driving Plates, Litegear, Cush Light, Duclos Lenses, ENTTEC, Moss LED, OWC, Quasar Science, Azden, Grosso Kresser Vineyard, Band Pro Film and Digital, Fotodiox, InkTip, LA NY 411, Ledgo Technology Limited, Litra, Sigma and Matthews Studio Equipment.

You can get more information at the CinaGear Expo site.

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