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Cutters Adds Editor Devon Bradbury To Roster


High-end editorial boutique Cutters is very proud to announce the immediate addition of distinguished Editor Devon Bradbury to its roster for exclusive representation across the U.S.A. The announcement was made by Cutters New York Managing Director/Executive Producer Caitlin Grady.

Originally from Southern California and deeply focused on editing since the age of 15, Bradbury is a Cinema and Television Arts graduate from Cal State University Northridge. Having joined Whitehouse Post as a runner back in 2013, she rose to the Editor position in 2020. Currently residing in the Hudson Valley, New York, Bradbury’s collaborations with top-tier ad industry creatives continue to grow, as do her contributions to award-winning short films.

With a unique editing style she describes as being cinematic, fresh, fast cuts, mixed media, graphics integrated, music and sound design driven, Bradbury has cut many film projects that have been selected for screenings for audiences from Cannes to The Women in Film Awards. In the commercial world, her credits include the groundbreaking #RetireInequality campaign from Buenos Aires-based director Rocio Crudo for TIAA, which united elite talents from the WNBA and NCAA to spotlight retirement inequality. Her reel also features high-profile work for Adidas, Gatorade, Mercedes, Reebok, Subaru, and Verizon, among many others.

“It only takes a brief glance at Devon’s reel to know she’s an incredible editor,” Grady began. “Given gorgeous production footage or a box of found elements, Devon crafts something incredible every time. Both Cutters and Devon have many loyal clients who recommend and return whenever they can. We are in lockstep in our commitment to the client.”

“I am so fortunate to have Caitlin champion me throughout my career and am so excited to be working alongside her again,” Bradbury added. “We have a great respect and understanding for what work we want to do and I feel like together we will make some very cool stuff!”

In the words of Imperial Woodpecker Director Lisa Gunning, who has been one of Bradbury’s key mentors: “Devon’s attention to detail and calm, kind approach to everything and everyone is rare in this business. A major talent and a magnificent human, she is simply the best!”

To view Bradbury’s reel and those of all the Cutters editors, please visit

About Cutters

High-end editorial boutique Cutters is the flagship brand of Cutters Studios. Staffed with dozens of award-winning editors, Cutters has the proven ability to create the most powerful visual content imaginable. Located in Chicago, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Kansas City and Tokyo, Cutters’ talents are readily available to edit anywhere in the world.

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