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DoPchoice Offers Light Directing Tools for Rotolight Titan XI and Velvet Kosmos


DoPchoice Lantern

DoPchoice is offering a new line of  tools to provide new ways to use its light shaping and directing accessories with popular newer LED lights like the Rotolight Titan X1 and Velvet Kosmos fixtures.

First up is a lightweight dedicated Snapbag softbox for the Rotolight Titan X1 that mounts directly to the fixture tool-free — it’s contained in a matching carry bag from which it can easily be slid out from for use. This softbox is sized at 60 x 60 x 32 cm/24 x 24 x 13 in and weighs 0.6 kg / 1.32-lbs, offering the brand’s hallmark silver interior for ultra-efficient illumination distribution and matching diffusion.  It can be used with or without DoPchoice’s dedicated 40° Snapgrid® that quickly affixes to the front via hook and loop edging.

DoPchoice’s Rabbit Ears mounting system can be used for versatility with other lights, and the Rabbit Ears Mini can be combined with the dedicated Titan bracket to offer compatibility with other DoPchoice softboxes, specifically the Octa 3’, 5’, and 7’ popular softeners with or without matching grids, Lantern 3’ and 5’, and the Snapbag Medium. DoPchoice also now has a line of light-controlling solutions sized specifically to use with the Titan X1.

DoPchoice Kosmos Snapbag

DoPchoice is also now offering dedicated softeners and shapers for Velvet‘s  Kosmos Studio 400 to accentuate that LED light’s luminous spread. This line includes a ring-shaped Rabbit Rounder mount to use with the dedicated Kosmos Snapbag that interfaces with the rectangular, instant snap-up Snapbag. This also includes DoPchoice’s patent-pending pyramid baffle to cause the interior silver sidewalls to reflect illumination outward creating hot spot-free, even spread. DoPchoice’s Snapgrid Medium 30° or 40° Snapgrids can be snapped up from their flat bag and positioned in front of the fixture.

DoPchoice suggests using its spherical Lantern as a companion for Kosmos, the dedicated round softener being 100 x 100 x 80 cm/39 x 39 x 31 inches and weighing 1.9 kg / 4.19 lb. This also comes complete with two 90° skirts that hook and loop on to control spill, Magic Cloth® diffusion and a convenient black bag for transport.

You can learn more about DOPchoice’s new products for 2020, available through authorized dealers, at


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