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IATSE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Picks Butler-Gilkeson and Pecos as Co-Chairs



The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEI) of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) has selected Local 764 Trustee Kimberly Butler-Gilkeson and Local 480 President Liz Pecos as the Co-Chairpersons of the newly-formed initiative. Elections for the positions were held on Tuesday, November 10, to choose the officers for its executive committee, made up of two Co-Chairpersons, a Secretary and six Members-at-Large.

Kimberly Butler-Gilkeson (Photo: IATSE)

Butler-Gilkeson’s  diversity and inclusion contributions include her  work on  Local  764’s  Social Justice Task Force, BIPOC Steering Committee,  and attending the AFL-CIO’s Civil and Human Rights Conference. In a statement, Butler-Gilkeson said, “I am so honored to be elected by my fellow committee members, all of whom are amazing leaders in their own right, to shepherd us on this important journey. I am so fortunate to have Liz Pecos as Co-Chair to share in this work with me. Her wisdom and experience will be invaluable to this work committee and myself.  Together, we hope to create a lasting framework for all IATSE members to be part of an equitable, inclusive and safe working environment and an actively anti-racist worker organization that represents all of their members to its fullest capability.”

Liz Pecos concurred,  ”I am deeply honored to be elected by my Brothers, Sisters and Kin of the newly formed IATSE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee to serve as Co-Chair. I wish to thank and acknowledge President Loeb for his steadfast leadership and meaningful action in the formation of this important committee. I am eager to work with the esteemed diverse group of elected officers and committee members and I am grateful to serve alongside the talented and knowledgeable Sister Kimberly Butler-Gilkeson as Co-Chair.”

Liz Pecos (Photo: IATSE)

Pecos chairs several union committees:  Vice President on the New Mexican Federation of Labor  Executive  Board, the  Political Coordinator and Women’s Committee Coordinator for IATSE District 5.  Pecos  is also the first female and first woman of color elected to the presidency  of IATSE  Local 480,  which represent motion picture and television production technicians  in New Mexico with an expertise in social justice and  diversity training.

Pecos added, “My experience on the committee so far has been enlightening, empowering and healing and I am grateful for this opportunity to help steer the committee and bring to fruition our goals. I believe this year and the statement issued from our IATSE General Executive Board titled “The Ground We Stand  On” is a turning point for our union and I am proud and humbled to be a part of the shift towards effective change and upending systemic racism in the arts and entertainment industry. Together we can create and promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive union and workplace.

The two new Co-Chairpersons are prepared to lead the committee’s mission-driven goals to enhance and ensure full and equal opportunity for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in our union.

You can learn more about IATSE, the labor union  representing over 150,000 technicians, artisans and  craftspersons  in the entertainment industry, or become a member at

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