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Digital Cinema Society Founder James Mathers Offers Tips for Looking Good Online


James Mthers
James Mathers

Digital Cinema Society founder, Cinematographer James Mathers, is offering a free video called “Looking Your Best on the Web” with tips on how to look good online. The necessity for Zoom meetings and classes means that everyone has now suddenly been thrust in front of the camera, whether they like it or not. Those of us that don’t have years of photographic and cinematic experience have little idea on how to get the most out of our webcams when facing other people online.

Because most of the major trades shows have been cancelled, the Digital Cinema Society had to conduct and post interviews for its DCS 2020 Cinema Technology Spotlight Interview Series from their own homes, which inspired Mathers to make the video. “We learned quite a bit in the process, and the purpose of this presentation is to share some of those insights. Today everyone needs to put their best foot forward on the web,” Mathers said in a statement.

In the 15 minute video, Mathers covers lighting, positioning, backgrounds and how anyone who has to appear on screen from their own home can look their best.

You can watch the video below or on Vimeo and learn more about the Digital Cinema Society at its official site.

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