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Location Managers Are Now Eligible for Television Academy Membership


TelevisionAcademyLogoThe Television Academy announced today that Location Professionals who qualify are now eligible for either Active or Associate membership in the Television Academy’s newly formed Location Managers Subgroup within the Producers Peer Group.

Location Managers Guild International (LMGI) 1st Vice President J.J. Levine and President John Rakich have led the charge for this successful mission on behalf of location professionals around the world.

“Location Managers play an integral role in the production, the look, logistics and on-set oversight of producing a television show, and they are a welcome addition to the Producers Peer Group,” said Peer Group Governor Tony Carey

“These creative and collaborative professionals are indispensable to our business, and will bring valuable insight to the Academy,” added Peer Group Governor Keith Raskin.

lmgi“Opening the door to membership in the Television Academy has been a goal of the LMGI,” said Levine. “Since its inception, the LMGI has been working to bring recognition to the creative contributions and the role of Location Professionals – members and non-members alike – in filmmaking for the large and small screens.”   

“This is a milestone moment, not just for the LMGI, but for all Location Professionals to be recognized as creative contributors within the Television Academy, especially now with the wealth of incredible content being made,” Rakich added. “Today we celebrate the synergistic and collaborative relationships that Location Professionals have with Producers to create exceptional storytelling on an international scale.” 

LMGI members who laid the early groundwork for this achievement include Chair Emeritus Orin Kennedy, LMGI Founder Beth Tate, Kokayi Ampah, Diane Friedman, and Stevie Nelson.  

The Academy is now accepting applications for the new subgroup, and for those now eligible to become active members.

Applications and requirements can be found at:

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