Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Lucky Expands Design & Representation


lucky_logo_black1Recently, Lucky Post has expanded through creative partnerships with an exclusive collection of designers and storytellers who work as an extension of the Lucky team and includes Already Been Chewed, Plenty and ABC.

ABC Still
ABC Still

ABC helps to build businesses, launch products, and create immersive visual experiences for some of the most iconic brands in the world including Nike, Marvel, Under Armour, DC Comics, NBA, NFL, Vans and Tiffany & Co. They are experienced in creating relevant solutions that connect with popular culture.

Plenty Still
Plenty Still

Plenty designs communication to stand out in a complex world that’s filled with stimulation. They are known for producing high production value animation, live action, and mixed media for agencies, networks and brands throughout the US, Europe, and Latin America, including Amex, Discovery, Disney HX, HBO, Oreo and Sonos.

To find out more about Lucky Post please visit:


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