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Makeup Pioneer Kazuhiro Tsuji Dreams Out Loud


From left: Deverill Weekes, Juliet Landau, Kazuhiro Tsuji and Karl Zundel.
At the 39th International Makeup Artists Trade Show at the Pasadena Convention Center on Jan. 18, Kazuhiro Tsuji unveiled his latest creation – a stunning three-dimensional bust of Abraham Lincoln that represents his foray into fine arts. Just prior to the debut of the bust, Deverill Weekes and Juliet Landau debuted their new short film about Tsuji’s journey, Dream Out Loud. Of viewing his prominent appearance in the film for the first time that day, Tsuji stated, “I don’t like to see myself, but it was an honor.”

Weekes and Landau filmed over 50 hours of interviews and material of Tsuji in his studio, taking lifecasts, sculpting with clay and realizing his works in finished form. The final product, filmed and edited over two months and just exported on the heels of the screening, is a lean 20-minute piece. “Kazu is the most exciting and interesting makeup artist I know, and he will turn the evolutionary clock of makeup,” said Weekes.

Kazuhiro Tsuji unveiled a three-dimensional bust of Abraham Lincoln at IMATS.
A photographer, cinematographer and director, Weekes noted that he had total access to Tsuji, which was crucial in telling his story. “When we talked about making the film, we decided we would do it all the way or not at all,” Weeks stated. “He gave us whatever we asked of him.”

Landau, a longtime actress whose work in such films as Ed Wood, TV’s Buffy, The Vampire Slayer and on stage in Danny and Deep Blue Sea has been roundly praised, utilized her production company, Miss Juliet Productions, to create and co-produce the film. Of her participation, which Weekes noted served as the “brains of the project,” Landau said, “This was an opportunity to support a great and respected artist in his new venture.”

Two entities sponsored and presented the film and screening: Make-up Designory (MUD) a makeup school in Burbank, and Make-up Artist magazine.

“Deverill knew Kazu wanted to branch out into the world of fine arts,” said Karl Zundel of MUD. “Deverill, MUD and Make-up Artist magazine started talking about honoring and showcasing Kazu as an introduction to fine arts and celebrating the artistry throughout the industry. Those conversations turned into this event, and the IMATS show was the perfect venue to present it.”

Michael Key, the editor-in-chief of Make-up Artist and founder of the IMATS, noted three of Kazu’s pieces being transformative over the past 15 years. “In 1998, it was Jack Nicholson‘s Wolf,” Key stated. “The closer you look, the more real it looks. Then, his Dick Smith head was off the charts – the next level of artistry. The crowning achievement is this evening. IMATS is what it is because of the great artists.”

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