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Boston’s Marina Studios Announces Strategic Partnership With Lighting and Grip Provider Cinelease


Marina Studios Cinelease
Marina Studios image via Alex Arnold/Rebel Marketing & Media

Boston’s newest film studio, Marina Studios, has announced a strategic partnership with the film and entertainment industry’s leading lighting and grip provider, Cinelease, to create a premier filmmaking experience in Massachusetts.

Cinelease will be the exclusive provider of lighting and grip equipment for Marina’s clients through this new partnership, guaranteeing new clients access to premium sound stages along with the best in quality gear and customer service.

The two companies have successfully worked together since the founding of Marina Studios over the summer of 2021 and after more than a year of productions, this unified step forward solidifies their mutually beneficial working relationship.

“We believe in offering our clients the best services – not just simply space to film, but an excellent experience from start to finish. Offering easy access to Cinelease’s expansive inventory is a great addition to our existing suite of services,” said Marina Cappi, Founder and CEO of Marina Studios.

Only a 12-minute drive from Boston Logan International Airport, Marina’s soundstages, flex space, and three acres of backlot make it an easy-to-access filming location for cast and crew which brilliantly displays all four seasons — a unique perk that filmmakers won’t find in other production hubs.

“Cinelease has been in the fabric of film and entertainment for over 45 years and our industry experience paired with the convenient location and unique amenities offered by Marina Studios will make it a desirable filming location for content creators across the country,” said Chris Rogers, Vice President of Marketing for Cinelease.

Offering the largest soundstage in Massachusetts, Marina Studios quelled the dilemma filmmakers in the northeast have faced for decades – finding dedicated stage space. Cappi struck when the iron was hot, founding the studio just as the state legislature voted to make its film tax credit program established in 2005 (originally set to expire in 2022) a permanent fixture in the state. Thanks to strategic timing, access to stage space, and a convenient location, Marina Studios quickly began booking.

Marina Studios Boston
Marina Studios image via Alex Arnold/Rebel Marketing & Media

Marina Studios currently has two locations in eastern Massachusetts boasting 58,000 total square feet of stage space and nearly 30,000 total square feet of office space. A third location is planned to open in 2023 to meet growing demand. The partnership with Cinelease is just one more reason for filmmakers to choose Marina.

With premium inventory including LRX Lighting, Cinelease is at the forefront of the lighting and grip business. LRX’s remote controllable products allow ultimate precision and flexibility without compromising the safety of the operator, prioritizing safety by keeping lights in the air and boots on the ground. Cinelease’s broad employee base is composed of dedicated experts, many with more than a decade of experience at Cinelease, delivering unmatched customer service.

In addition to its dedicated stage space, Cinelease’s services, and production offerings, Marina Studios sets itself apart from other studios with its prioritization of personal relationships with its clients which creates a hospitable, welcoming environment.

Under the leadership of Cappi, Marina Studios is one of the very few woman-led studios in the country, and female empowerment in the entertainment industry has been a focus of Cinelease for years. Through its support of organizations like Women In Film, and events like the Women’s Weekend Film Challenge, Cinelease has been at the forefront of equality both in front of and behind the camera.

“Our values align both on set and in business,” said Cappi. “All filmmakers, regardless of gender, will now have access to best-in-class services and equipment, reducing the barriers that many women face when entering this industry.”

Marina Studios’ investment in relationships and equality extend beyond the walls of its studio locations and into the community where it participates in initiatives at local high schools, trade schools, and colleges including Boston Arts Academy, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Boston University, and Emerson College, that encourage students with an interest in the film industry to explore jobs through educational programs, internships, and other learning opportunities.

These initiatives will produce job-ready candidates for high-demand entertainment careers. While Marina’s endeavors prepare the future generation for success, its productions are already contributing to the success of the local economy through increased patronage of small businesses, creating a much-needed post-COVID boost.

As Boston transforms into a production hub, and Marina Studios continues to scale, the environment offered by the studio in tandem with the equipment provided by Cinelease will make Marina the city’s preferred filmmaking destination.

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