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New Update from IATSE Leaders, Strike Authorization Gets Support from Set Decorators


ColorIATSELogoIt’s been relatively quiet this week leading up to Friday’s vote for a strike authorization from IATSE in response to AMPTP refusing to respond to the labor union’s most recent proposal for a Basic Agreement contract, but IATSE President Matthew Loeb and other IATSE leaders released a Statement on Tuesday afternoon, suggesting its members vote “Yes” to take action, saying,

“As International President and Presidents of the thirteen IATSE Locals in the Hollywood Bargaining Unit, we each have witnessed first-hand the physical and emotional suffering our members and their loved ones endure as a result of punishing and unrealistic schedules, and lack of rest or meal breaks. We have repeatedly seen the economic impact of inadequate rates for members who do not make a living wage, and the discounted “New Media” pay rates that subsidize mature and profitable streaming businesses.

Now is the time to change the culture of our work places. We fully support our members who demand safe and sane working conditions, equitable wages and sustainable Health and Pension benefits.

Our responsibility to our members and generations to follow is to correct these untenable conditions. We endorse a ‘YES’ vote for the strike authorization that will empower our negotiators to secure a fair deal, knowing they can rely upon our strength and our unity, our trust in one another and our shared belief in a better future.”

Furthermore, the leaders of the Set Decorators Society of America (SDSA) have also released a statement of support for IATSE and its members, which presumably has a good number of SDSA members as well:

“The Set Decorators Society of America Board of Directors stands in support of the I.A.T.S.E. in its efforts to achieve fair contracts for all who work on film and television sets and in production. “


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