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NuContext Unveils Promo Campaign for Netflix Hit Julie And The Phantoms


Led by Founder/Executive Producer Angela Guice, NuContext has commandeered more than 135 remote productions this year. The television promotion and marketing production company unveiled their recent promo campaign for Netflix’s Julie And The Phantoms, which debuted earlier this month.

Julie And The Phantoms
Netflix’s Julie And the Phantoms

Created by Kenny Ortega (High School Musical, Descendents), Julie And The Phantoms is Netflix’s newest series starring newcomer Madison Reyes as a high schooler Julie, who’s stuck in a creative funk following the death of her mother. She finds her voice after meeting some supernatural new friends who suddenly appear in her garage – and then they form a band and musical fun ensues.

NuContext created the promotional campaign, which included two remotely filmed music videos, both shot remotely.

Julie And The Phantoms

A three-day marketing shoot, which was originally scheduled for March, required the NuContext team to pivot quickly and make the shoot virtual. They connected five cast members in four different states and Canada to interact with one another. NuContext shot a total of 22 creative concepts in three days.

Additionally, key art was shot in Vancouver by NuContext during the show’s production in Fall 2019, “Best Friends Challenge”.

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