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Bay Area One Union Recording Studios Adds Eduardo Mendoza


Eduardo Mendoza
Eduardo Mendoza

San Francisco’s One Union Recording Studios has added Senior Engineer Eduardo Mendoza to its mix staff.

Mendoza previously performed a similar role at Facebook, bringing over 15 years of experience in audio recording, editing and mixing for broadcast, digital, corporate and other media. The company also has hired Assistant Engineer Michael Swarce, the two of them joining the studio’s audio team that includes Senior Engineers Joaby Deal, Andy Greenberg and Matt Wood, and Engineer Isaac Olsen. The added staff will help One Union keep up with its growing workload of advertising and corporate production both in the Bay Area and around the country rebounds from the pandemic.

About the addition, One Union Recording Studios President John McGleenan says, “Eduardo is very talented engineer whose background is a perfect fit for our studio. He is a great communicator and works exceedingly well with agency creatives, clients, actors and others. We are thrilled to welcome him to our team.”

“It’s an amazing opportunity to reconnect with the advertising community and work at a studio that was recently rebuilt from the ground up,” Mendoza says about his chance to work with top clients from all sectors of the industry. “One Union has been on my radar since I began my career in 2003. When an opening appeared, I jumped.”

Mendoza led an audio voice team and oversaw studio upgrades while at Facebook, and during the pandemic, he supervised a switch to remote operations and the remote production of video content. Before that, he spent four years at Pandora/SiriusXM where he designed three recording studios and engineered client advertising for diverse digital platforms. His background also includes 11 years at Polarity Post, San Francisco, as senior audio engineer, project manager, sound editor and recordist where he mixed national and regional television advertising, as well as radio and digital campaigns. He recorded Foley and designed sound for independent films, episodic television, video games and animation.

“I’m glad to be returning to post production and collaborating with creatives, producers and other clients. I love engaging with clients and working with talent,” Mendoza adds.

Swarce is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, and moves into the assistant engineer following an internship at One Union. He will be responsible for preparing sound sessions and assisting senior mixers and also will be charged with maintaining Covid-19 health and safety protocols. “I’ve learned a lot at One Union about post-production and the advertising industry. It’s a great place to launch my career,” he says.

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