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ProMAX Debuts Platform Studio at NAB


Platform Studio on-location
Platform Studio on-location
ProMAX, provider of turnkey editorial, shared storage and asset management systems, will debut Platform Studio at NAB 2013. The new ProMAX product brings high-end collaboration and data management at a price point that grants small creative workgroups access to advanced workflows previously only seen in larger facilities. With the launch of Platform Studio, this fast-growing segment of the professional film and video market will use enterprise-level shared storage, data management and data protection without having to invest in larger IT infrastructures.

“In today’s world of collaboration and multi-tiered deliverables, small working groups have really begun to populate the landscape,” CEO of ProMAX, Jess Hartmann said. “As a provider of integrated solutions, we saw the need for these groups to have access to enterprise-level solutions that larger studios and working groups take for granted.”

Platform Studio is intended to bring advanced technology to groups of two to four users and is designed for in studio or on set workflows.

Platform Studio builds upon the ProMAX Platform modular approach which allows users to add new features and functionality as needed. Modules can be added to a Platform Studio base as building blocks to support growing demands without investing in separate pieces of hardware. Premier modules for the product include SHARE, ARCHIVE and DAM:

SHARE enables Platform Studio to be used as a shared storage server for online (Tier 1) or backup (Tier 2) storage. It supports Mac, Linux and Windows with 1GigE and 10GigE connectivity.

ARCHIVE adds tape-based LTO to the Platform Studio enabling arrival from online or backup storage.

DAM hosts asset management databases with redundancy and complete user connectivity.

Features and functions of Platform Studio are easily managed by Platform Manager, a web- and iPad-based app for server administration. Additionally, the product offers four 1GigE user ports, two management ports, four USB 3.0, eight Firewire ports and a card reader for direct ingest of digital content.

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