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The Rookie, All Rise Tied for Lead in Prime Time Softball League Week 6


Brooklyn Nine Nine
Will Starks of Brooklyn Nine Nine

The Rookie and All Rise continue to be the dominant teams in this season’s Prime Time Softball League, although All Rise lost its first game of the season against Brooklyn Nine Nine.  The Rookie, which lots its game against All Rise in Week 5 made it back with a win against MasterChef this weekend, so now both teams are 5 and 1. Three teams — The NeighborhoodAmerican Dad, and Brooklyn Nine — are each 4 and 1, although the first two team tied in their first game back in Week 1. Minx canceled its game against The Neighborhood this weekend. The Rookie has a bye week this coming week, so All Rise could pull ahead by winning its game against Young Sheldon in Week 7 (full schedule below).

 The Brooklyn Nine Nine and PTSL has shared some photos of their team, which you can see above and at the bottom of this piece.

The Prime Time Softball League is made-up of 11 co-ed teams made up of the cast, crew, staff, and their immediate family from primetime television shows.

The Week 6 results are below:

Friday, Oct 15

The Neighborhood 7
Minx 0
   Game canceled by Minx

Saturday, Oct 16

The Carlos Watson Show 3
Big Brother 22

Young Sheldon 21
American Dad 26

The Rookie 16
MasterChef 13

Brooklyn Nine Nine 25
All Rise 19

Here are the current standings:

Atlantic Division
  East Conference:
Team Wins Losses Ties Playoffs
The Rookie 5 1 0 Eligible
All Rise 5 1 0 Eligible
The Neighborhood 4 1 1 Eligible
American Dad 4 1 1 Eligible
Brooklyn Nine Nine 4 1 0 Eligible
For All Mankind 3 2 0 Eligible
MasterChef 2 4 0 Eligible
Big Brother 2 3 0 Eligible
Minx 0 5 0 Eligible
The Carlos Watson Show 0 5 0 Eligible
Young Sheldon 0 5 0 Eligible

The Week 7 games take place on Saturday, Oct. 23 at the below times and fields:

Saturday, Oct 23

Minx Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 3
(Ump: Gerald Bates )
11:00 AM

For All Mankind Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 4
(Ump: Gene Sokol )
11:00 AM
Brooklyn Nine Nine

All Rise Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 3
(Ump: Gerald Bates )
12:30 PM
Young Sheldon

Big Brother Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 4
(Ump: Gene Sokol )
12:30 PM
The Neighborhood

American Dad Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, No 3
(Ump: Gerald Bates )
2:00 PM
The Carlos Watson Show


Brooklyn Nine Nine
JT Taylor

Susanna Suard
Susanna Suard
Starks at bat
Starks at bat
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