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Ryan Connolly and Seth Worley Collaborate on PROXiMITY


Triune Films released PROXiMITY – a new short film resulting from a collaboration with the creator of Film Riot, Ryan Connolly and indie filmmaker, Seth Worley director of Plot Device.

PROXiMITY was a spur-of-the-moment creative collaboration that came about when Connolly’s big-budget short film project Outsiders was suddenly postponed.

“Just days before principle photography began on our short film Outsiders – our most ambitious film yet – a large portion of our funding didn’t come through. We were forced to postpone Outsiders and go on a 6-8 month hiatus,” said Connolly. “Problem was, we already had the gear ready to go and people who flew in just for the film. So we had two choices: feel sorry for ourselves, or make a movie, so we made a movie.”

To make this happen, Connolly connected with Worley, indie filmmaker and writer/director of the Red Giant hit short films, Plot Device and Spy vs Guy.

“I quickly connected with Seth and the two of us came up with – and wrote – a 10-page script in a matter of days,” explained Connolly. “Once the script was done, the crew went to work gathering wardrobe, locking cast and building props. There was no time to waste, gear had to be returned and actors had hard outs. When all was said and done, we wrote, pre-pro’d and shot the film in a total of 10 days. Given that it is an action film that takes place in the middle of nowhere, that was no easy task.”

Neither filmmaker had ever attempted such a rapid-fire collaboration before. “Ryan and I figured out pretty quickly that we belong to the same denomination within the religion of film,” said Worley. “I can’t confirm this, but I’m pretty confident that writing PROXiMITY together was one of the most seamless and organic collaborations since hydrogen and oxygen. It was like the universe wanted us to be together.”

The final product was produced entirely with a minimal crew, no funding and with all of production and postproduction gear on loan from generous partners and vendors. The film was also lucky enough to be the first production to use the new Letus Direct Anamorphx adapter, a new tool that is bringing anamorphic shooting to low-budget filmmakers. The film was shot on the Canon C500, which paired with the Letus adapter, generated brilliant imagery.

All postproduction was completed with Adobe Creative Cloud, enabling the team to complete the film in record time. Sound design and mixing was completed using Pro Tools and Ableton Live. Imagineer Systems’ mocha Pro was used for Planar Tracking several shots, and Red Giant tools for filmmakers were also used, including Colorista, Looks and Key Correct.

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