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The Criterion Group Hosts Hair and Makeup Symposium


LR-Makeup symposiumThe Criterion Group held its first “Hair and Makeup By…” symposium, Sept. 27 at Loews Hollywood. The below-the-line agency scheduled the daylong event, featuring panel interviews and hands-on workshops.

The morning started with “The Makeup Artist” – a panel discussion between Tym Buacharern (House of Lies), Melanie Hughes-Weaver (Pitch Perfect 2), Beverly Jo Pryor (Empire) and Vera Steimberg (Guardians of the Galaxy). The emphasis among the artisans was put on learning the foundations of makeup application and learning them well. The room full of up-and-coming industry professionals were encouraged to not put their trust in the world of YouTube tutorials, which often promote suspicious techniques. “Learn from schools and by going out and evolve from there. Techniques never change. Trends change all the time. If you learn your techniques properly, you’ll never be out of a job,” Buacharern said.

“You really need to hone your craft if you want to do this long term,” said Hughes-Weaver. Hard work and dedication were also brought up as a key to success.

“If you truly want it, you will do whatever it takes to get where you want to go. If you’re truly an artist, it’s inside of you and you’re just letting it come out. Nothing’s easy. Nothing’s overnight,” added Pryor.

The second panel, “The Star Clippers,” featured hair stylists Stacey Morris (Black-ish), and Conrad Hilton (Jamie Foxx‘s personal stylist). The stylists talked about the perks of social media and personal branding. They also discussed their origin stories, of how they broke into the industry while they were working in salons. Hilton, who was based in a Pasadena salon said, “It wasn’t hard for me because I was lucky.” Morris graciously pointed out that it wasn’t all luck because Hilton had worked hard and had made himself available to more success. “In everything you do, you have put yourself in the best opportunity,” Morris declared.

The last panel, “The Hair Artist” included top stylists Camille Friend (Hunger Games: Mockingjay I and II), Gail Ryan (Dancing with the Stars),  Melissa Forney (Empire) and Daniel Curet (Sleepy Hollow) and the discussion focused on how to become a sought-after hair stylist with so much competition in the industry.

After the panels, attendees participated in the six workshops offered throughout the day, including “The Art of Lashes, Lips and Liners” presented by Steimberg; “The Ladies of Empire” presented by Pryor and Forney; “The Star Clippers and the Art of the Clip” presented by Morris and Hilton; “The Art of Hair” presented by Camille Friend; “From Music Video and Tours to TV and Film – The Art of Makeup” presented by Buacharern, and “Organically Oscar – The Art of Natural, Award-Winning Hair” presented by Gail Ryan. The evening ended on a fine note with a networking mixer sponsored by MAC Pro.

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