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UK, Australia Sign New Co-Production Agreement for Film and Television


Australia movie
Australia image via 20th Century Fox

The UK and Australia have signed a new co-production agreement in an effort to enhance collaboration between the film and TV industries of both countries.

The new deal follows the UK’s exit from the European Union and modernizes the pact that was first put in place 30 years ago, thereby making it easier for UK and Australian filmmakers to co-produce projects together.

Under the updated terms of the agreement, it will be easier for UK-Australia co-productions to hire workers from third-party countries, while the minimum financial contribution that co-producers have to make in order to benefit from the treaty has been lowered.

“Today’s milestone will unlock fantastic opportunities in the creative industry and support this Government’s commitment to help more people into skilled jobs. The UK and Australia share a long and rich history of strong cultural and economic ties and this agreement will help us continue to create greater film and TV together for many more years to come,” Creative Industries Minister Julia Lopez said in a statement.

“Many important and culturally significant stories have been enabled by the co-production agreement between Australia and the UK since its inception in 1990, and it provides an important pathway for Australian and UK producers to work closely to compete in the global marketplace,” said Paul Fletcher, Australian Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts.

“This revised co-production treaty provides UK and Australian producers with many more opportunities to build on the strong cultural and commercial ties we already enjoy. It will bring the two countries even closer together, and allow us to tell stories that define who we are and how we relate on a global stage,” added Neil Peplow, the BFI’s Director of Industry and International Affairs.

What does this really mean? I suppose it means that there will be more opportunities to get projects made in the UK and Australia, which could very well see an influx of below-the-line workers. After all, craftspeople flocked to places like Atlanta and Louisiana as they attracted more productions with tax incentives, which really do work. Lots of people have already considered relocating during the pandemic, but make sure you do your research before making any big decisions.

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