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Universal Studios’ Florida Production Stages & Locations Now Open


USFPGThe production professionals comprising Universal Studios Florida’s Production Group (USFPG) are ready to welcome the next round of film, TV and commercial productions to their Sound Stages, Backlot and across the resort’s properties. According to USFPG’s Vice President/General Manager Pamela Tuscany, she and her colleagues successfully resumed operations in June, in conjunction with the reopening of Universal Orlando Resort. By her report, a critical aspect of USFPG’s continuing success can be attributed to its strict adherence to the CDC’s and its own extensive Health and Safety Guidelines.

Currently, Universal Studios Florida is the home base for the production of Warner Bros. Television’s critically acclaimed series David Makes Man, which began filming season two in September. USFPG has also recently hosted productions spanning feature films, television productions and commercials. Among its exhaustive health and safety protocols that are actively enforced, USFPG’s safe set practices include temperature testing for all executives, cast and crew members prior to entering the lot.

Hot set for 2020 David Makes Man production on the Backlot.

As the line producer for David Makes Man, Orlando-based Director and Producer Wayne Morris has confirmed that more than 80 percent of his crew – and virtually all the series’ extras – are local. The series uses USFPG’s Producer’s Building for its offices, and its Sound Stages, Backlot, resort hotels and many other locations throughout Central Florida for production.

Pamela Tuscany, Vice President/General Manager,
Universal Studios Florida Production Group

“Our treasure trove of resources goes well beyond one-of-a-kind, film-ready locations and highly experienced local production crews and creative talents,” Tuscany explained. “We are fortunate to have exceptionally strong collaborative partners, beginning with Orlando film commissioner Sheena Fowler at the Orlando Economic Partnership, and our colleagues at Florida’s Office of Film and Entertainment, among many others.”

Last year, Central Florida and USFPG also hosted season one of the National Geographic and Warner Bros. Television series The Right Stuff, which launched in October on Disney+.

All photos courtesy of Universal Studios Florida Production Group.


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