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Vortechs Provides At-Home Solutions For Film & Television Editors


vortechs.logo1As the COVID- 19 pandemic curtails production activity in most of Hollywood, Vortechs, an independent supplier of post-production technology, has begun implementing solutions to help its clients stay on track with motion picture and television projects. The company has set up systems inside the homes of dozens of editors, and are employing remote collaboration and communication tools to provide them with access to data that can be shared with clients and team members.

As a longer term solution, the company connected editors to high-speed virtual private networks so they could remotely and securely access servers in their cutting rooms, collaborate with assistants, and receive assets from visual effects companies and other outside suppliers.

Vortechs-supplied projects, now working remotely, include the upcoming Warner Bros. features Suicide Squad 2 and In the Heights (the latter directed by John Chu and edited by Myron Kerstein). The company is also supporting editing teams working on films for directors Christopher Nolan and Ridley Scott, as well as the television series Black-ish, Westworld, The Aliens, The Orville and The Angel of Darkness.

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