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WGA Resumes Talks Between Writers and Agents


wga.both.logoOn Wednesday night, The Writers Guild of America (WGA) agreed to a request made by UTA co-president Jay Sures to reopen talks between the guild and the Association of Talent Agents since negotiations failed between the two more than a month ago when trying to reach a new franchise agreement. The fight between agencies and writers has centered on packaging fees and affiliate production, in which companies that own agencies create their own film and TV content.

According to a recent publication of The Hollywood Reporter, UTA’s Sures, in his letter to WGA West president David Goodman, claimed, “If this dispute is truly about addressing Packaging and Affiliate Production, then we are ready to get back to the table with you. We are open to concepts of true revenue sharing and have already committed to requirements of explicit client consent and overall transparency and accountability.”

Goodman, a former client of Sures’, wrote in a short email, “Thank you for your offer to meet, which I accept on behalf of the WGA. I do want to make clear that we responded on April 12th to your most recent proposal. We continue to believe that there is a deal to be made that aligns agency interests with those of writers. We look forward to hearing what you have to say.”

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