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Women’s Film Preservation Fund Film Program


NYWIFT.logoSince 1996 the Women’s Film Preservation Fund (WFPF) of New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) has preserved a number of significant experimental and animated works, many of which reflect pioneering approaches and unique voices. This year’s series will showcase a selection of these works, many of which have been preserved in collaboration with Anthology, at the Anthology Film Archives.

The makers of the films in the first program have manipulated time, space, and/or motion to give us a broader view of reality. Their varied approaches include optical printing, animation, drawing and scratching on the film negative, radical editing choices, and moving camera. In the second program, the films represent changing views on the possibilities of womanhood from different viewpoints, while the final program shows unedited footage of two distinctive filmmakers, provides insight into each maker’s thought process and what informs the filmmaker’s completed works.

Program Details:

Program 1: Expanding Notions of Time, Space, and Reality – June 21st, 7:30pm
Divinations – Storm de Hirsch, 1964, 6 minutes
Bent Time – Barbara Hammer, 1984, 20 minutes
Meditation on Violence – Maya Deren, 1948, 13 minutes
Homage to Magritte – Anita Thacher, 1974, 10 minutes
Traveling Light – Jane Aaron, 1985, 2 minutes
An Algorithm – Bette Gordon, 1977, 10 minutes

Divinations (1964) – Storm de Hirsch

Program 2: Reflections, Dreams, and Experiments – June 22nd, 5:45pm
Windy Day – Faith & John Hubley, 1967, 9 minutes
Doppelganger – Ahwesh Peggy, 1987, 5 minutes
Women’s Happy Time Commune – Sheila Paige, 1972, 42 minutes
Sisters! – Barbara Hammer, 1973, 8 minutes
Desire Pie – Lisa Crafts, 1976, 5 minutes

Windy Day
Windy Day (1967) – Faith & John Hubley

Program 3: Marie Menken and Helen Hill: Camera Rolls – June 22nd, 8pm
The Gravediggers from Guadix – 1960, Marie Menken, 1960, 45 minutes
Helen Hill’s Home Movies – 2000-2005, 23 minutes

The Grave Diggers From Gaudix
The Grave Diggers From Gaudix (1960) – Marie Menken

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