Accidental Turitz

The Accidental Turitz: A Tale of Two Box Offices, and Two Directors — James Cameron and Olivia Wilde

A couple of months ago, I wrote a column about James Cameron and his obsession with the Avatar universe he created. In it, I said I was sure that the upcoming sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, would be a big hit — almost certain to surpass a billion dollars overseas and maybe even a half-billion domestically — but that I think the world has moved on from Pandora over […]

Brett Morgen

Moonage Daydream Director/Editor Brett Morgen on His Deep Exploration Into David Bowie’s Life and Music

When it comes to documentary filmmaking, director Brett Morgen continues to be one of the more interesting filmmakers working in the format. His 2002 film The Kid Stays in the Picture (co-directed with Nanette Burstein) introduced millions to studio exec Robert Evans, who (among other things) was responsible for bringing Mario Puzo’s The Godfather to the big screen. 2007’s Chicago 10, which kicked off Sundance that year, recreated the famed […]

12 Angry Men
Accidental Turitz

The Accidental Turitz: Facebook Got Caught Censoring Advertising for a Holocaust Movie and Now It May Get Sued

I don’t get really mad all that often. Peeved? Yes. Aggravated? Sure. Irritated? Rather easily, actually. It’s something for which my wife makes great fun of me, how quickly I will express displeasure at someone for thoughtlessness or douchebaggery — like when you let someone cut in front of you in traffic and they don’t wave a thank you, or then turns without using their signal, or that jerk who […]

Checco Varese

Union Roundup: Part 2 of Our Creative Arts Emmys Coverage, From Music Cues to Filmed Faces and Slow-Moving Changes

Randy Rainbow was one of the hosts on the first night of the two-part Creative Arts Emmy weekend, dressed in a sparkling tuxedo, and singing — to the tune of “It Had To Be You,” the words “It Had to Be Crew.” He paused during some of the lyrical play to note “I didn’t write it,” as he sang the paean to hard-working below-the-liners, adding that, given the song’s age, […]

Harrison Ford and Ke Huy Quan
Accidental Turitz

The Accidental Turitz: D23 Revealed the Future of Star Wars and Marvel, But Harrison Ford Stole the Show

I don’t know when certain studios began spending an entire weekend touting all of their upcoming content, but Disney has certainly mastered the process. The latest D23 Expo took place this past weekend, and you have to hand it to the Mouse House — the folks over there know how to put on a show. I don’t care as much as I used to about the Star Wars and Marvel […]

Edward James Olmos

Union Roundup: Creative Arts Emmys Honor Those Who Both Paved the Way and Will Lead It Going Forward

On the second night of the Creative Arts Emmys (for indeed, it’s an event so sprawling, with so many categories, that it takes two evenings, a week ahead of the Primetime Emmys, to get it all done), Edward James Olmos kicked things off, exhorting the crowd into celebratory response. He started by saying that he likes “the Emmys (the more headline-grabbing, live broadcast ones), I get it, but no one […]

Kate Bosworth

Indie Filmmaker Neil LaBute on His Return Behind the Camera With Thrillers House of Darkness & Out of the Blue

It feels like we haven’t seen many movies from playwright-turned-filmmaker Neil LaBute in recent years. In fact, it’s been seven years since his last feature film, Dirty Weekend, which came after a fairly prolific run that began in 1997 with an adaptation of his own stage play, In the Company of Men. That was followed by several films that he wrote and directed, including Your Friends & Neighbors (1998), Nurse […]


Barbarian Filmmaker Zach Cregger on How He Made One of the Year’s Craziest Horror Films With the Help of a Bulgarian Crew

Zach Cregger spent many years making the series The Whitest Kids U Know, writing and directing most of the episodes with the late Trevor Moore. The two of them also co-directed a few comedy features, but none of Cregger’s past work hinted at the horrors that lurk within his new movie Barbarian, which hits theaters on Friday. The creepy genre film stars Georgina Campbell as Tess, who arrives at her […]

Zack Snyder
Accidental Turitz

The Accidental Turitz: Warner Bros. Learned the Hard Way Not to Give Zack Snyder’s Rabid Fans What They Want

Some years back, I was involved in a film project that, in retrospect, was doomed from the start, but of course, I didn’t know that at the time. I hadn’t made anything in a while, so I got involved when I shouldn’t have and ignored repeated warning signs. To quote a line from the great Bojack Horseman, “When you’re wearing rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like regular […]


Union Roundup: Production Incentives Experts Gather, Hoping Hollywood Can Bring Economic Recovery As We Learn to Live With Covid

During the dog days of August, one of our excuses for staying in, where the air was cooler, was a Zoom seminar (remember those, in these suddenly, precipitously, unmasked times?) from Entertainment Partners, that offered an update on U.S. Production Incentives for 2022. The seminar focused on four states — Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and California — and was moderated by EP’s incentives expert, Joe Chianese. More than just a “hey, […]