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VFX Change LA for Changeling

By Mark London Williams

When director Clint Eastwood asked Michael Owens to oversee the visual effects for Changeling, he knew he didn’t have to recreate Iwo Jima, like he did previously for the director, or 19th-century New York, like he did for Martin Scorsese in Gangs of New York. No, all Changeling needed was Los Angeles. The only problem... »

Ed Harris Takes the Reins With Appaloosa

By Mary Ann Skweres

Oscar-nominated actor Ed Harris takes his second turn at directing with Appaloosa, an atmospheric western set in 1882. The story follows two lawmen, played by Harris and Viggo Mortensen, who hire out their policing services to small towns whenever unsavory characters threaten the peace. The latest troublemaker is rancher Randall Bragg (played by Jeremy... »

EditFest 2008 Editors Unite to Inform Next Generation

By Mary Ann Skweres

The American Cinema Editors (ACE) has advanced the art and dignity of editing for almost 60 years. On August 8 and 9, the society continued its mission with the first annual EditFest, highlighting the craft of editing and celebrating some of the industry’s top film and television editors. The intimate event and informal setting... »

Panavision to Offer Panavised Phantom HD High-Speed Digital Cameras

By Scott Lehane

Panavision announced an agreement with Abel Cine Tech and Vision Research to acquire Phantom HD high-speed digital cameras for its rental operations around the world. The contract means that the Phantom HD cameras and custom accessories will be available for rent in a complete Panavised system along with Panavision’s inventory of industry leading optics,... »

It’s Still Act One For SAG

By Jack Egan

When actors hear “lights, camera, action!” they know it’s time to act. For the actors union, a more apt phrase might be “lights, camera, inaction!” The Screen Ac t o r Guild’s three-year contract with the studios expired June 30. But nearly four months later, talks between SAG and the Association of Motion Picture... »

Manufacturers Line Up for RED SDK

By Scott Lehane

Since August, when RED announced the release of a Software Developer Kit (SDK) that would enable other manufacturers to work with the company’s Redcode RAW (.R3D) file format natively, there has been a rush of postproduction equipment manufacturers signing up for the SDK—namely those with editing and grading systems. It’s not surprising, since there... »

Crew Crosses Over with BackStreet Musical

By Staff

Hollywood Dell Digital Studios provides creative “editorial packages” including picture, sound and music editing, original scores and songs, post supervision and other post services for studio and independent films. It’s all wrapped up in a cost-effective package, complete with organic workflows made possible when postproduction happens all under the one roof. Director Aloura Charles... »

AVID’s Media Composer v3.0.5

By Mary Ann Skweres

The preferred choice of editors in feature film and television productions, Avid’s non-linear editor comes with a price tag to match its high reputation. For independent filmmakers, the high cost can price it out. Even rentals can push the budget into the red. But with the introduction of Express Pro, Avid moved into the... »

Union Roundup – October 2008

By Mark London Williams

“Going badly,” might describe more than a few things in the world right now: U. S . foreign policy, or more pertinently, the state of the world economy. Or the attempts to curb climate change. Specifically, though, when those words were uttered by 20th Century Fox COO Peter Chernin, he was describing the state... »

Hollywood Thriving Despite Economic Downturn

By Jack Egan

To say that for Hollywood it’s  “the best of times and the worst of times,” as English novelist Charles Dickens famously wrote, is a bit of a stretch. But at a time when the local and national economies are nosediving, the global financial system is spinning out of control, the stock market is in... »

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