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Contenders – Editors, Angus Wall & Kirk Baxter, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

By Scott Essman

Benjamin Button tells the unusual tale of a its titular character (played by Brad Pitt), who ages in reverse. With a character who gets younger as he gets older and a multitude of visual effects shots, Benjamin Button was no simple chronological edit. Such was the challenge presented to the film’s two editors, Angus... »

Glenn Kennel Joins ARRI

By Scott Lehane

ARRI has hired Glenn Kennel to fill the newly created position of chief technology officer. Working from the company’s Burbank office, Kennel’s responsibilities will include overseeing digital intermediates, digital camera technologies and supporting workflows. “At a time when production and post are tied together in a continuous workflow and film and digital imaging are... »

Union Roundup – February 2009

By Mark London Williams

And so we write during the week where “economic stimulus” dominates the news, as well as Republican plans to attempt to torpedo— to the best of their ability—any efficacy the plan might actually have in righting an economy that is finding—as Nietzsche warned—that the abyss is staring back. The biggest below-the-line news in the... »

Thomson’s Financial Woes

By Jack Egan

Burdened by debt and strapped for cash, French media company Thomson S.A. recently announced plans to restructure around its Technicolor division, “to refocus on services to content providers, leveraging our technological expertise,” according to company CEO Frédéric Rose. To raise funds, the financially beleaguered company said it intends to sell its Grass Valley unit,... »

Bruce Woloshyn Turns Heads in VFX on The Uninvited

By Mark London Williams

“What family doesn’t have its up and downs?” Katherine Hepburn famously asked, as Eleanor of Aquitaine, in The Lion in Winter. Those ups and downs—well, downs in this case—are given a suspense-and- horror twist in The Uninvited, a remake of a Korean original about a seemingly suspicious nanny trying to become a widowed father’s... »

SAG Talks May Resume Soon

By Jack Egan

The Screen Actors Guild, after twisting itself into procedural knots, may soon be ready to resume talks with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers that could finally lead to a new contract and eliminate any chance of an actors’ strike this year. At least there is the appearance of that light at... »

Warner Bros. Post Adds New ADR and Rerecording Stages

By Scott Lehane

Warner Bros. Post Production Services has completed construction on two new, premier facilities: ADR 2 and Re-Recording Stage 12. ADR 2 will be used primarily for automated dialogue replacement on television projects, while Stage 12 will serve the feature film community. “We are continually looking for new ways in which to better serve our... »

Director Ross Katz Takes Risks on Taking Chance

By Mary Ann Skweres

When Oscar-nominated producer-turned-director Ross Katz makes a movie, he hopes his crew is as emotionally invested as he is. When he found one of his Teamsters weeping in the restroom after an especially detailed scene in a military mortuary, he realized the difficult subject matter of Taking Chance—nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at... »

Digital Features in Running for Cinematography Oscar

By Scott Lehane

The nomination of films like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire in the best cinematography category marks a bit of watershed for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences— both films were shot largely digitally. The former was shot predominantly with Thomson’s Viper Filmstream cameras, (as well as a few... »

A Sign of the Times

By Scott Lehane

Quantel recently announced that it would not exhibit at NAB 2009. In a statement released to the press, Quantel CEO Ray Cross said, “It’s not a decision that we’ve come to without a great deal of thought. However in the current general economic climate we quite simply can’t justify the $1 million+ investment that... »

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