September 25, 2022
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3D at NAB

By Mary Ann Skweres

In the middle of all the technology at NAB, industry panels at the Content Theater discussed the convergence of art and technology. One of the biggest issues discussed in a number of panels was the future of 3D cinema and how it’s now “Easy on the eyes, the way 3D should be.” 3D images... »

Cineped Makes Debut at Cinegear

By Mark London Williams

Grafting two pieces of venerable camera gear together with a surety that would make Dr. Moreau proud, the brand new Cineped made its recent debut at the Cine Gear Expo, just in time for a (hopefully) revived feature film shooting season. The 42-inch R2D2-sized piece of equipment combines the utility of both tripod and... »

Eric Forsberg On Shooting Sex Pot 3D

By Mary Ann Skweres

Perhaps the biggest indication of the re-emergence of 3D is the fact that low-budget production icon, The Asylum is producing several 3D films for the direct-to-video and television markets. Company partner in charge of production, David Latt explained that “our buyers wanted it, Blockbuster specifically. If they want it, we’re going to do it.... »

NAB 2009: Industry Gathers for Annual Confab

By Bob Bayless

I haven’t been to a NAB show since they were in Los Angeles, so I was amazed at the scope of the event. I had hoped to cover all the new products that were unveiled at the show, but there were over 458 new products debuted in Vegas! So I decided to focus on... »

Joe Dante On Shooting The Hole 3D

By Mary Ann Skweres

“It’s time consuming. It involves special lenses and a stereographer. And you have to time it twice,” explained director Joe Dante on shooting a stereoscopic 3D picture. Dante’s $12-million family horror picture, The Hole, (currently in postproduction), was shot using a proprietary rig from Paradise 3D made especially for use with the RED camera.... »

Much Ado About Nothing

By Jack Egan

Call it much ado about nothing. Just about a year after their last contract expired, the Screen Actors Guild finally reached an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers last week, following an overwhelming vote by the membership to cut a deal. In the end, a faction-torn SAG membership basically capitulated... »

Pac Title Closes Its Doors

By Jack Egan

Pacific Title & Art Studio, whose history goes back to the silent era, has gone into receivership. And without the prospect of new financing, the 90-year old firm is likely to be liquidated, it was revealed in an email to employees from David McCarthy, the company’s chief executive. The head of the postproduction and... »

Women in Film Recognizes Petra Korner

By Jack Egan

Director of photography Petra Korner received the Kodak Vision Award for Cinematography at the Women in Film’s annual Crystal + Lucy Awards on June 12. The honor goes to a woman who has “made significant contributions to advancing the art form.” Peter Boyce, an executive with the Kodak Entertainment Imaging Division, said Korner was... »

A Bittersweet Journey into the Heartland of Japan

By Mary Ann Skweres

The 2009 Best Foreign Language Academy Award winning film, Departures (Okuribito), takes the viewer into the heartland of Japan to experience a sacred part of Japanese cultural heritage—the ceremonial preparation of the dead for cremation in the presence of the bereaved. When cellist Daigo Kobayashi’s (Masahiro Motoki) orchestra disbands, he returns to his family... »

Charles Gibson, VFX Supervisor, Terminator Salvation

By Jack Egan

Charles Gibson, the VFX Supervisor for Terminator Salvation, recently talked to Below the Line about the state-of- the-art CG animation and effects work that it took to create the army of Terminator killer robots featured in the post-Apocalyptic world of T4. Gibson—winner of two Oscars for best special effects-for Babe in 1995 and for... »

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