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The Invisible Art of Cutting Films

By Mary Ann Skweres

“Every editor is going to tell you the same thing,” says Sheldon Kahn, A.C.E. “If you don’t notice the editing, that’s good editing. Whether it’s an animated picture o »

Costume Design: Helping the Actor Find the Character

By Mary Ann Skweres

Costume Designer, Jenny Beavan, can appreciate a beautiful piece of fabric in the same way she would appreciate a beautiful painting or a beautiful flower, but “it’s not what she lives and breathes.” As a costume designer she does not even have a particular interest in clothing, fabric or accessories. “But when it comes... »

Score and Sound: The Unsung Heroes Behind the Scenes

By Bob Bayless

Every year about this time, the Oscar nominations are made. Music, of all the crafts, is possibly the most subjective category to judge, especially for an award of this magnitude. The daunting task of deciding what is worthy of contention goes to the composers, music editors and music supervisors who are Academy members. “Movies... »

Awards Season: When Motion Picture Crafts Get Their Due

By Jack Egan

The curtain is rising on another awards season, where recognition of individual achievement in filmmaking takes place against the backdrop of Hollywood ritual and hoopla. It’s also the time of year when the craft professionals who work behind the scenes get their time in the spotlight, honored both by their peers at special guild... »

John Hillcoat Travels Down The Road

By Scott Essman

Some movies provoke the mind and intellect and leave audiences thinking long after they have left the theater. Add The Road to that list. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Cormac McCarthy, who also wrote the book on which the Coen Brothers film No Country For Old Men was based, Australian director John... »

Contender – Editing – Dana E. Glauberman – Up in the Air

By Mary Ann Skweres

As a film studies major at UC Santa Barbara, Dana E. Glauberman knew she wanted to pursue editing. After graduation she secured a production assistant position and began working her way up the ladder, eventually assisting Ivan Reitman’s, long-time editor Sheldon Kahn, (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest). In a case of being in... »

The Long, Slow Process of Bringing Coraline to the Screen

By Mark London Williams

“It’s difficult to get funding for stop motion,” says director Henry Selick, of trying to finance his projects. That he was previously the director of modern holiday staple The Nightmare Before Christmas tells just how over-cautious—or non-available—production capital must really be. Selick was talking about raising money for Coraline, his adaptation of the Neil... »

Union Roundup – November 2009

By Mark London Williams

“The Writers Guilds of America, West and East mark the passing of Nick Counter, longtime president of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, and convey their deepest sympathy to his family,” came the mid-November statement. That was it, pretty much in its entirety, from the WGA. Brevity can be its own statement,... »

Apocalypse-Almost-Now: Volker Engel and Marc Weigert on World’s End FX in 2012

By Mark London Williams

At the recent Production Summit thrown by the Visual Effects Society in Marina del Rey, collectively attempting to suss out the future of Hollywood filmmaking in a world both all-digital, and all-outsourced, director Roland Emmerich’s visual effects cohorts, Volker Engel and Marc Weigert—the former supervising VFX on most of his pictures, the latter in... »

Gorillas or Guerrillas? The Year in FX

By Mark London Williams

Because of our own release schedule for this annual fall “voters’ guide” to the upcoming awards—just call us “Secretaries of the State of the Crew!”—we go to press just as this year’s two 800-pound gorillas of visual effects are hitting screens. The symbolically simian pair is succinctly referred to by VFX supervisor Wojciech Zielinski,... »

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