September 25, 2022
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House of Cards – Season 2 – Teaser Trailer

By Staff


Contender – Director J.C. Chandor, All is Lost

By Randi Altman

It’s hard to not put yourself in the place of Robert Redford’s character in J.C. Chandor’s All is Lost. Trying to imagine how you would behave in the situation of being lost at sea. I would have been cursing early and often. I also think I would be talking to myself the entire time. »

Pac-12 Network Cuts Crew Wages and Eliminates Health and Pension Benefits

By Jack Egan

In a football game with nationwide significance for the BCE playoff picture, No. 5 Stanford beat No. 3 Oregon 26-20 last night in a crucial showdown between two of the country’s top-ranked college teams. But while Stanford students and alumni roared in the stands, there wasn’t as much to cheer about for many in... »

Framestore Freezes Time for new Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer

By Staff

Director Matt Lossoso and Framestore VFX supervisor Oliver Bersey recently created an electrifying 60-second trailer for Doctor Who’s 50 year anniversary episode, scheduled to broadcast worldwide on Nov. 23. The spot is littered with references from the show’s 798 episodes, with 11 regenerations of The Doctor all frozen in time. »

L.A. Area On-Location Filming Increases 9.5 Percent in Third Quarter

By Staff

FilmL.A. announced that L.A. area on-location filming increased 9.5 percent in the third quarter compared to the same period last year. The organization, which serves as the official film office of the City of Los Angeles and surrounding areas, reported 11,792 Permitted Production Days (PPD) in 2013 vs. 10,773 PPD in the same period... »

Technicolor Opens a New Visual Effects Studio in Montreal

By Staff

Quebec Premier Pauline Marois attended a press conference yesterday with Technicolor executives to announce the opening of a new visual effects studio in Montreal. The company also plans to consolidate its existing Montreal postproduction operations, including image, sound, restoration, dubbing and distribution, which are currently housed in four sites around the city, into a... »

IBC 2013: 4K Eclipses 3D

By Phil Rhodes

Before we dive into an analysis of exactly what was and wasn't interesting at IBC 2013 from a production perspective, it's worth being aware of an overarching theme: if you hadn't yet noticed, where 3D was discussed a few years ago, 4K is now the topic of conversation. I won't be quite ready to... »

IATSE President Matthew Loeb Looks to the Future

By Jack Egan

Buoyant enthusiasm prevailed at the 67th IATSE Quadrennial Convention held last week in the heart of downtown Boston at the Sheraton Hotel and adjacent convention center. It was steady as you go as some 800 delegates, representing 400 locals, voted by acclamation to re-elect Matthew Loeb to another four-year term as International president of... »

VES Issues Whitepaper on The State of the Global VFX Industry

By Staff

Last week the Visual Effects Society (VES) released a whitepaper entitled “The State of the Global VFX Industry 2013” – a strategic analysis of the business drivers impacting all sectors of the VFX industry working in film production. The whitepaper is the outcome of a working group of diverse industry stakeholders convened in March... »

Ryan Coogler Directs Fruitvale Station with Team Spirit

By Jack Egan

Like a rookie quarterback whose first pass is a touchdown, Ryan Coogler has also lit up the scoreboard in his feature-film debut as the director and screenwriter of Fruitvale Station. The movie is based on a real incident – the police shooting of an innocent 22-year-old black man, Oscar Grant, on the Fruitvale Station... »

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