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Technicolor Opens a New Visual Effects Studio in Montreal


Quebec Premier Pauline Marois attended a press conference yesterday with Technicolor executives to announce the opening of a new visual effects studio in Montreal. The company also plans to consolidate its existing Montreal postproduction operations, including image, sound, restoration, dubbing and distribution, which are currently housed in four sites around the city, into a single site at 2101 Ste-Catherine. The technical equipment will be upgraded to offer state-of-the-art services.

“By choosing Montréal, Technicolor can count on a pool of specialized, highly-qualified, highly-educated, experienced, creative, talented people who are ready to commit themselves, in a favorable economic environment,” Marois said. “Investing in Québec’s metropolis enables the company to benefit from very competitive tax treatment, along with low business start-up and operating costs.”

The new visual effects studio, opening under the MPC brand, covers more than 25,000 square feet in the old town of Montreal and will be home to more than 200 creatives who will serve the growing Montreal film market. The facility will complement an existing network of six MPC studios in locations around the world including London, Vancouver, New York, Santa Monica, Bangalore and Amsterdam.

“I am particularly happy that this new development will strengthen our network in North America with equipment and the very highest quality talent,” said Frederic Rose, CEO of Technicolor. “I thank the Government of Quebec for its continued involvement alongside our industry. Through its investment, Quebec has created a favorable environment and particularly well-adapted training programs within the Montreal region.”

The new premises will officially open Oct. 28, but the team in Montreal is already at work on projects such as Into the Woods, (Walt Disney Pictures), X-Men Days of Future Past, (Twentieth Century Fox) and Cinderella, (Walt Disney Pictures).

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