October 1, 2022
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Director J.C. Chandor Makes an Auspicious Debut with Margin Call

By Scott Lehane

Set in the high-stakes world of the financial industry, Margin Call is an entangling thriller involving the key players at an investment firm during the first 24-hours of the 2008 financial crisis. Writer/director J.C. Chandor’s enthralling first feature is a stark portrayal of the financial industry and its denizens as they confront the decisions... »

Union Roundup: Home Invasions

By Mark London Williams

It was a home invasion of the best kind... On a recent cold and blustery December Saturday, members of IA Locals including 44, 729 and 700, Teamsters 399, retirees, producers, and kin of the above, all descended on the home of location manager George Herthel and his wife Pam Boroski. George had become... »

Teamwork is an Edge for Art Directors This Awards Season

By Leslie Lindeman

The shorthand between a production designer and director who have previously worked together is an advantage in filmmaking that will likely come into play this awards season, three leading designers agreed. Rick Carter and Steven Spielberg, Dante Ferreti and Martin Scorcese, David Yates and Stuart Craig, Clint Eastwood and James Murakami, and Terrence Mallick... »

Canon Launches Cinema EOS System

By Scott Essman

At a gala spectacle on Nov. 3, 2011, on the Paramount lot in Hollywood, Canon debuted their C Series lightweight and portable video cameras, featuring the EOS C-300. This particular camera includes an EF mount system to support EF lenses and EF cinema lenses, but it also has a PL mount. The... »

Method Artists Create a World of Dancing Robot Armies and Hamsters for Kia

By Staff

Visual effects company Method Studios recently completed work on a new commercial, "Share Some Soul," developed by Kia Motors America (KMA)'s advertising agency of record, David&Goliath, introducing the refreshed 2012 Kia Soul. The VFX-heavy spot debuted during the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. Featuring the popular hamsters from previous Kia commercials, the new spot... »

Jennifer Yuh Nelson on the Passion and Creative Collaboration of Kung Fu Panda 2

By Mary Ann Skweres and Bob Bayless

In the Dreamworks Animation's action-packed Kung Fu Panda 2, Jack Black reprises the role as Po, the rotund Martial Arts Panda. Much of the crew also returned to work on the sequel, including director Jennifer Yuh, who was elevated from the story department to helm the film. Telling a darker story than that of... »

An Open Letter to VFX Artists and the Industry at Large

By Staff

Eric Roth, executive director of the Visual Effects Society released an open letter to the industry yesterday pledging to use the organization’s clout to address the abysmal working conditions that VFX artists face today. “VES may not have the power of collective bargaining, but we do have the power of a voice that’s 2,400... »

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